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My name is Sarah Russoniello, I am a PATH certified therapeutic horseback riding instructor, I run a small therapeutic horseback riding program in Northeast PA where we provide therapeutic horseback riding and equine-assisted therapies and activities for individuals with special needs.  Our team of specially trained horses and staff members assist individuals seeking an alternative to traditional therapies to find increased independence and confidence through equine related activities.  There are great benefits to equine therapy, not only physically but also cognitively and emotionally.  

Please help support Serendipity’s Mission here.

     As you can imagine, there are many expenses associated with the care and keeping of horses.  There are also many expenses associated with the training of our staff and horses, the equipment needed for a program such as ours and the insurances and training required for our staff in order to ensure our program is safe and effective.  That being said, we are unable to offer our lessons free of charge.  We do have potential students who could greatly benefit from therapeutic horseback riding lessons and equine-assisted activities but are unable to afford to participate.  I would like to begin a ‘scholarship fund’ to raise funding so that we can offer therapeutic lessons at a reduced rate/no cost for students who have trouble affording traditional therapeutic lesson fees.

     I believe with all my heart that equine therapy is a wonderfully rewarding and positive learning experience for all of our clients.  I would love nothing more than to be able to raise enough funding to offer the gift of equine therapy to potential students at no cost to them.  Any contribution is deeply appreciated.  Thank you!

Help support our therapy crew!

  • Remember that donations are tax-deductible as Serendipity is a 501(c)(3) Charity!
  • On average it costs approximately $6,000 to care for each horse every year. Your donations help keep Serendipity Running!

Sponsor a Horse for One Month $100 (9 available each month)

Have you hears the phrase “eats like a horse?” That’s because horses eat a lot! Help us care for these amazing equine therapists and provide all the monthly needs for one horse.

Sponsor a Horse for One Month
Sponsor a Horse for One Month
Help us care for our equine staff!

Sponsor a Horse for One Year (Includes Plaque on the horse’s stall)

Give the ultimate donation and sponsor a horse for a year! This includes your company name or your name on a plaque that goes on the horse’s stall.

Sponsor a Horse for One Month
Sponsor a Horse for One Month
Help us care for our equine staff!

Round of Treats for the Horses

Send treats to the horses! Add this option and someone will go around the barn and thank the horses and provide a treat to each of these amazing horses.

Send a Round of Treats
Send a Round of Treats
Help us treat the barn!

Hay is for Horses!

Our horses eat 10 bales of hay a day! Help us keep our equine therapists well-fed on one of their favorite feeds!

Bale of Hay
Bale of Hay
10 Bales Needed Every Day or 280-310 a Month!

Keeping Full & Healthy

In addition to hay, our horses eat horse feed. This helps provide the nutrients they need to be healthy for our riders!

Regular Horse Feed
Regular Horse Feed
Every Day Our Horses Need Horse Feed

Specialized Horse Feed

Just like some people need special diets, some of Serendipity’s horses require a special feed for a metabolic issue. The food helps prevent medical issues and keeps them happy and healthy!

Special Horse Feed
Special Horse Feed
Some of Our Horses Need Special Food

Horse Pedicure

Every 6-8 Weeks our horses need regular hoof care. This helps keep their feet healthy which impacts overall health.

Hoof Care
Hoof Care
Every 6-8 Weeks Our Crew Gets a Pedicure

Keep Away The Flies!

Ever find yourself swatting at pesky flies around your head? Horses feel the same way except they don’t have arms to swat flies away from their face! Fly Spray is important to help keep away the flies and the horses appreciate the relief from these flying nuisances.

Keep Away The Flies
Keep Away The Flies
Keep Away the Flies with Fly Spray

Thank you!

Want to send an amount not listed here? PayPal takes a small percentage of what you send but you can contribute below to our Go Fund Me for any amount too!

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