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Serendipity therapeutic horseback riding piper

Piper (Pip) came to Serendipity in late April of 2017 from Gouldsboro, PA. Piper was rescued from an auction and given a second chance at life. A young mother purchased Piper from an auction with the intent of keeping her as a child’s pony for her daughter.

Shortly after purchasing Piper, her daughter was diagnosed with a rare medical condition which left the young woman with little time for Piper. Sadly, she had to list Piper for sale so she could focus on her daughter’s medical needs and care.

In Piper’s former home, there were two other horses; both were not fond of Piper and kept her from eating her food. At no fault of her former owner, Piper was not able to get the nourishment she needed and was unable to keep a healthy weight.

In addition to not getting proper nutrition, Piper had also developed allergies and was losing her hair. Needless to say, Piper was not in the best condition upon her arrival at Serendipity Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center.

We like to call Pip “a diamond in the rough.” This girl has come a long way. Piper has a heart of gold. Everything she does she puts her whole heart into. She is always willing and patient. She is quite the little athlete too! She teaches our more advanced independent riders with grace and glory and happily totes along with our younger, more involved riders with patience and kindness.

It is fair to say that Piper is tremendously grateful to be a beloved part of the Serendipity Family. We also feel tremendously blessed to have found her. We keep in touch with her former owner who loves hearing updates on Piper’s progress here at the farm. Help provide Piper’s food, cleaning, and skincare treats and fly spray to keep pesky flys off of her beautiful face by sponsoring Piper here.

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